Personality dressing April 2022

Long dresses can be hard to find in Australia. But I can make you whatever you want.

Have you got a date set? Do you need a special occasion dress but not sure how to decide?

My number one question would be what is your personality type?

I have worked out a little test that never fails!

There are categories we as females mostly fall into and it whittles down your dress style, saving you looking for hours to find your perfect formal dress or bridal gown. I also use this game to help mothers of the bride /groom decide on their outfit.

You can pick one to three style categories to start visualizing your dress. Look in your wardrobe now and see if you can find a theme!

  • CLASSIC – think Chanel, beautifully cut and expertly fitted simple lines in exquisite fabric.
  • NATURAL – soft and flowing, maybe lace but always quality fabric, silk is perfect for this organic look.
  • CREATIVE – Oh my! Go all out with fabric colour and design that’s not been seen before.
  • THEATRICAL – a dramatic look, fantastic for stage singers and Brides wishing to make a grand entrance. Defiantlya ‘look at me’kinda dress. Think huge skirts, corsetry, layers of tactile fabrics.
  • FEMININE – soft flowing fabrics, maybe sheer chiffon, frills, delicate beading and embellishment, demur and subtle.
  • SEXY – this always brings a sexy thigh split to mind, but don’t forget a low exposed back with lacing,exposed shoulders, or maybe a corset bodice or well
    fitted bust, just don’t do all at once!
  • BOHO – this look is as individual as you are, think layered fullness, braided detail, crystals and even feather trim.
  • ELEGANT – this is the film star look, plenty of inspiration from the old movies. Keep the look unbusy, sharp with a touch of detail such as an unusual neckline. Be sure to choose a quality fabric.

By dressing for your personality,you will feel confident and happy from within and will enjoy your event far more, its your chance to shine!

I hope this has helped you start your ideas of what your dress will look like, if you need a chat message me for an appointment

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