Tips to choosing your dress design MARCH 2022

HELP! Choosing a style for your formal dress or wedding gown You have an occasion, you have a date, you need to decide on a dress!

Possibly you have an idea, but purchasing a special occasion dress is not something you do every day.After all, how many occasions do you get to dress up and wear a long dress? Here’s a quick list to help get you going.

Venue – i s it to be set in a country garden, a beach setting, or a grand building, imagine how your look will fit in.

Season – warm balmy day, hot and humid evening, or chilly cool climate. Choose your fabrics and design carefully for comfort.

Shape – This one is personal to your body type and personality. Don’t choose a slinky gown if you will feel shy and self-conscious, but don’t play safe, it is a wow image you are after.A flattering design and fit are a must.

Colour – colour theory is interesting-red is bold and will make you the centre of attention, black is formal and always elegant but can be predictable. Look in your wardrobe, do you see a favourite colour going on?

Occasion – appropriate dress code? No plunging necklines and hi splits, but just enough flesh on show for evening wear, you don’t want to look like you just popped out to the shops.

Budget – $$$$ are always important but shouldn’t be the final deciding factor, value for money and quality is a better deciding factor.

Personality – is it you? Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I can’t stress this enough! Do you never wear dresses? Wear a pants suit, or a two-piece classic. Are you shy? Don’t wear plunging necklines that you feel you need to constantly adjust. Wear it to express your personality.

Wearability – your choice may not fit into your everyday wardrobe, but is there a possibility you can have the dress shortened or adjusted so you may wear many more times and get value. I’ve cut so many trains off after the occasion, then you have a cocktail dress to go out to dinner in.

Value – it’s a false belief that an off the rack dress is cheaper than a made to measure dress. Factor in fitting alterations, hems cut and you are practically there for a personalised one-of-a-kind dress made for you.

Emotion – this is such a personal one. How do you feel in the dress? Do you feel amazing as well as look amazing? Are you proud of what you see?

Have you dressed for your personality?

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