Covid weddings January 2022


My thoughts on having your ‘Special Day’ plans disrupted in this challenging Covid crisis.

There has been a lot of emotions, and many tears shed for many brides that have had their wedding plans disrupted by the unpredictable Covid, not only restricted guest numbers but also rules including no large gatherings,no dancing, no standing,no canapes allowed/passing around food,sit down meals only,so practically dismissing all wedding celebrations.

Then venues having been forced to cancelling altogether.

No Dancing you say?! And no hugging and kissing? What?!! When you haven’t seen a loved one for a while it’s only natural,we all want to have a hug and a squeeze, right? A peck on the cheek for old Uncle Bill, a Wisper for Auntie Jean.Weddings are surely are union of family.

Isn’t a wedding a celebration,a coming together of two families?

The uncertainty of boarder restrictions, opening and closing with little notice,and overseas flights not happening, no wonder the stress levels are higher than necessary.We are so scattered around the world, its normal that relatives and friends will be in another state, or a different country altogether.

It’s been sad, heartbreaking at times,and I have some very emotional stories to tell if I had to.

I have a collection of half-made wedding gowns in my workroom, work halted until another wedding date can be arranged. Some weddings postponed, others changing three-four times as venues have to fit in a backlog from the past few years. Some weddings are now not even going ahead. Don’t get me started on problems such as fluctuating weight over time,unexpected pregnancies and changes of venues,so the gown will now be simplified for the venue space.

My thoughts for Covid brides: GET MARRIED NOW!!!

Life is short, don’t put your life plans on hold. Get married now! Just the two of you.

You may be wanting now to set up a home together, or even wishing to make babies sooner rather than later and live happily ever after.Don’t put your wedding on hold.

Even if only a handful of close guests can attend,or just you two,have a magical intimate wedding and enjoy the simplicity.

Fast forward to your first wedding anniversary, and do it all again! relive your day, even redo your wedding vows.

Get dressed up all over again! Have the celebrations, the breathtakingly beautiful venue with colourful flowers perfuming the sky. Invite everyone you know!Party hard, life is for living! The photos, the dancing, let the bubbles flow.Party away.Cut the cake., make some memories.have the celebrations you deserve.

Enjoy putting your wedding gown on for a second time, get pampered and hire hair and makeup, it will be even better because it will be exciting without those pre wedding nerves.

You get to wear your gorgeous gown once again!

The pleasure is double.

Happy planning, Nickix

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